Every plan to bring revolution to commerce in Africa must adopt the retail and service outlets to the alternative brands. Africa’s first economic war is committed to reducing the $203 billion dollars in capital flight and the Black Wall Street which is the leader of this economic war works in conjunction with Redirect Mall to provide pro African products to our population.

These products require service outlet managers who provide both online and offline support to the products.

The opportunity provides income through sales of these products via your dedicated outlet on RedirectMall.com .

The opportunity also provides income through servicing of these products, repairs, short term storage etc through your little home garage.

The opportunity provides a third income source through delivery of the products when necessary.


Outlet owners also partake in 10% profit sharing of all investments returns made by the Black Wall Street ( A quarterly pool of $1 billion dollars +).

Other benefits include discount on products, cooperative membership with other outlets, employer support scheme, access to merchant status, and more.

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