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About Redirect mall

Redirect Mall understands that Africans are poor because they primarily love to shop but hate to invest. Through the application of the Compassionate Capitalism ethos, Redirect Mall accepts only product vendors willing to let go 50-70% of the profits they would have made on sales of their products for consumers to use and make investments in a risk freeway. This helps the average African have investment returns hence alleviating poverty among the most disadvantaged.

Redirect Mall provides the platform for average people to profit from investment through the regular purchases they make by allocating points accepted on Black Wall Street Stock exchange system. Redirect Mall is therefore the world’s first shopping mall where the money you spend is designed to somehow come back to you.

Redirect Mall helps to generate capital for the industrialization of the African continent through these points issued to consumers as they end up in the investment accounts of entrepreneurs conducting various commercial projects in Africa.

Redirect Mall stock only ‘Respect for Africa Products’ meaning products that Africans have a say in the production process through jobs, investment returns or supply contracts preferably all three. This ensures prosperity is grown and spread among the African people.

Redirect Mall helps to stop Capital Flight out of Africa which is the fundamental reason why Africans are poor through provision of alternative products which retain the money in the continent.

Redirect Mall helps to create millions of jobs in Africa through the Supermarket Policy providing financial stability to over 6 million people.

Redirect Mall helps to increase government tax revenues through the tax adherence policies of the Black Wall Street.

About Supermarket Policy/Outlets

Redirect Mall is accessed through various individual retail partners acting as store fronts for the mall. These store fronts are known as Redirect Mall outlets and are owned as franchise rights by individuals.

These individuals are given access to the Supermarket Policy which empowers them to sell ‘Respect for Africa products both online and offline.

Supermarket Policy holders get a physical supermarket built and equipped for them at no cost.

Becoming a Supermarket Policy Holder comes through higher than average online outlet sales management.

What is Switch Now ?

Capital Flight is how the imperialists made Africa under developed and impoverished. Switch Now gives average Africans the opportunity to help retain capital in Africa by ‘Switching’ to other pro African products offered as alternative to capital flight products. 

Switch Now products provide added incentives for investment points and returns on investment for the person switching.

How to earn investment points from the Redirect Mall

It is very simple, just through any purchase of any product sold on the mall will give you investment points. The more you buy through the mall, the more points you can get, the more investments you can make and the more returns on investment you can get.

Can I get mobile devices immediately I switch my phone?

What is Payment Facilitator as payment method?

An authorized financial agent that works with us to process payments for those who are unable to use other methods such as bank cards, credit cards or PayPal.

What is the relationship between Redirect Mall and Black Wall Street ?.

Investment points gained from Redirect Mall are used in the Black Wall Street platform to profit from any of thousands of commercial projects going on in Africa.

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